Are Returns free?
Unfortunately, no. It cost $9.15 flat rate to return your items. Visit:
Can I return SALE items for an exchange or refund?
Yes, you can.
Can I return FINAL SALE items for exchange or refunds?
Yes, you can.
Are there exclusions to returns, exchanges and refunds?
Yes, due to hygiene reasons underwear, swimwear, jewellery, hosiery, makeup and personal care type products can only be returned if the protective seals are still intact and it meets the requirements of our policy around these specific items. This policy is to protect our customers and is in your best interest for us to enforce this.
Can I track my returns?
Yes, you can track your return item/s here:
How long does it take to process my refund?
It will be processed within 3 business days of receiving your item/s.
How long does it take to process my exchange?
It will be processed within 3 business days of receiving your item/s.
My return has been received but I haven’t received refund yet.
It can take 3 days to process your return through our fulfilment centre, once our customer care team checks that you meet the requirements, we will process the refund to your account.
What if I don’t meet the requirements of the returns policy?
If for whatever reason you do not meet the returns policy requirements, we will not process a refund or exchange. Please be aware that in this situation you should not send us the item as we will not send it back to you. It will be your responsibility to collect it from our fulfilment centre should you wish to keep it and/or pay for the shipping for return.
What if my parcel for return does not arrive at your fulfilment centre?
We advise that when completing your returns parcel that you register your return parcel so it can be tracked, if you can track it you will be able to locate it with the courier. If you cannot track or find your parcel it will be your responsibility and not ours. We will not be able to process refunds or exchanges if we do not receive the parcel from you.
What if I paid using Afterpay or Paypal to purchase?
If you paid using Afterpay or Paypal that’s no problem, we can refund or exchange those items still using our normal returns process.
How do I return something from NZ?
Please contact our customer care team and they will help you through the process
Something has gone wrong with my return, what do I do?
That’s ok, things don’t always go to plan, contact our customer care team at and we will resolve this problem for you.
Can I cancel or change an order if I made a mistake?
The real answer is probably not, once an order has been placed in the system it can be hard to stop it going through our fulfilment centre. We will do our best to try and stop this but cannot promise you. If this happens please contact us on and we will see if its possible. Please email us as soon as you realise you made a mistake, the quicker we can review it the better chance we have of stopping the order.
Where can I get my parcel delivered?
We can deliver to your home or work, that’s no problem. If you give us your address of choice we will get it to you within a few days.
Can I get my delivery to a PO box?
Yes we accept PO Box addresses.
What will happen if I am not at home to sign for my parcel?
‘NO CONTACT’ DELIVERY - All Australia Post, Couriers Please & Fastway signed for delivery parcels will be 'Authority to Leave' Please note: Should you not wish to have ATL, we advise you choose 24/7 Parcel Lockers.
What if I choose “Authority to Leave” and my parcel goes missing?
This will be very disappointing but unfortunately that’s not our responsibility, We suggest you only choose this option if you are comfortable that it will be there when you get home. You can always pick it up from the local post office or courier if you are concerned. Better to be safe than sorry!
How do I get FREE shipping?
Spend $150 or more in 1 transaction and its FREE. Get shopping girl!
How can I track my order?
When your order is ready to be dispatched you will receive a tracking notification number, we’ll give you an update for each step along the way. So, all you really need to do is wait for your order to arrive!
Somethings gone wrong with my delivery, who should I contact?
Firstly, don’t panic! On your tracking notifications there will be details on who to contact, please follow the instructions. Track your order here:
Can I change my address details?
Yes. You can update your information at any time, please login and follow the prompts to update your details. Simple and so easy.
I want my parcel quickly, what can I do?
We suggest that you choose Express Shipping, this is more expensive but will get to you quicker. You get what you pay for in life.
Can you ship internationally, outside AUS & NZ?
Yes, we set up to ship to Singapore, US, Canada and UK. Shipping Rates will apply. Please contact for further assistance.
Can I make a phone Order?
Our automated system is only set to ship to Australia and New Zealand at this stage for orders processed online, but of course we can do anything we want. If you would like to make a phone order please contact our Customer Care team at and we can organise a special delivery just for you. Higher shipping rates may apply of course. Our customer care team will be more than happy to help you. Its weird but we will do it.
I got the wrong item in my parcel, what do I do?
Firstly, we are very sorry. We have obviously made a mistake somehow and somebody will get fired. Please contact our Customer Care team at and we will resolve this problem immediately. “BTW” nobody will get fired, we all make mistakes particularly if we have hangovers.
Can I Click and Collect?
Yes, if you are based in Sydney - you can pick up your order from our Head Office.
I am not sure what size to buy?
That’s easy, follow our size guide information and measure yourself.
I haven’t bought from your store before, how do I know its good quality?
We stand by our quality, yes, we have great value and great quality.
You are out of stock in something I want, where can I get it?
If we don’t have your size, colour or style available on our website it’s now sold out, Sorry. You will have to act faster next time. Sometimes we will repeat our best sellers & seasonal styles and sometimes we will get more in replenishment, keep coming back and check our site. If you are desperate to know please contact our Customer Care team on
I had something in my wish list that is now sold out, where can I get it?
If it’s not available it means it is now sold out, we’re sorry, but you must have been wishing for too long. You snooze you lose. Just because it’s in your wish list it doesn’t mean that it is on hold. Email us at we will let you know if more are coming.
I had something in my cart that was unavailable when I completed my check out?
If it’s not available it means it is now sold out, again, we’re sorry, but you must have been wishing for too long. You snooze you lose. Just because it’s in your cart it doesn’t mean that it is sold, an item is only sold when you transact, someone else wanted it at the same time as you. Email us at and we will let you know if more are coming.
My item looks different to the online image, what can I do?
Get new glasses. No seriously, we do our best to ensure that our online images represent exactly what you will get. Sometimes lighting and screen size, image resolution etc can make a difference.
How do I care for my new products?
Follow the care label instructions carefully, if you do this you will make the most of your new products and they will look good for longer. If you don’t take care of your items, follow the care instructions then your garment/product will not look as good as it should. We all know what happens when you wash that black t-shirt with the towels or accidently wash a red sock with the whites. Take care. It’s yours. Remember hot water shrinks things, the dryer shrinks things, colours will run, blacks will fade, fluff will transfer. If you make the effort and take care of your garments you will be happier and look better in the long run.
Where can I find your stores?
We don’t have any YET, but if you keep shopping, keep sharing us with your friends, keep tagging us in your posts than we might just become important enough to open a store near you. Support us PLEASE!!!
Can I buy a gift card?
Yes, follow the prompts, its easy, its safe and not much effort. Whoever the lucky person is will be happier that you gave them the choice to get what they want versus buying a cheap sale item that they don’t like and passing it off as full price because they don’t know you got it on sale as it was off pay week. Gift cards are valid for 3 years and so easy.
How do I know about the great New Arrivals each week?
Subscribe to our emails, follow us on social, we will let you know.
When is your next big sale or promotion?
Subscribe to our emails, follow us on social, we will let you know.
How can I leave a review on your product?
We pride ourselves on great value and great quality garments, so we would love to hear what you think when you have purchased something, leave a review so others can see what you think and how you rate the item. Not all reviews get published, just the good ones. Seriously, this is an independent review business, so if your review is professional, politically correct and appropriate we will publish it. We have nothing to hide except the chocolates.
Where else can I buy the brands on the website?
You can find our brands on The Iconic, Catch eBay, MySale and The Market (NZ)
What’s your ABN number?
78 631 091 355
I forgot my login details how do I update?
That’s OK, go to our login section and follow the prompts, its simple and easy to update your details and reset your password.
I forgot my password how do I reset?
That’s OK, we forget ours all the time. To reset your password, go to our login section and follow the prompts, its simple and easy to update your details and reset your password.
How can I change my address details?
You can update your information at any time, please login and follow the prompts to update your details. It’s simple and easy.
Can I unsubscribe?
Yes, that’s easy, just unsubscribe from one of our emails. It takes a few days for the data to update correctly. We will be sad to see you go. Tell us what we did wrong, contact us at
Can I stop following you on Social media?
That’s not very social. Of course, you can, just unfriend us or mute us. It’s sad that we cannot be social anymore. We understand that life is full of everyone wanting more attention. We will be here when you come back.
Do I have to provide my email address and personal details?
If you do you want to see all the great new styles we get, shop with us online or simply hear about any promotional and sale offers we are running you will need to provide us your contact details, including your email address. We still haven’t figured out a way to send emails without email addresses. Please note that your personal details are safe & sound with Curve Project, read our terms and conditions and view our privacy policy for details.
What does FINAL SALE mean?
This is an item that is heavily reduced to clear, it could be older, fragmented sizing or end of lines that we need to clear from our fulfilment centre to make space for all the great new stuff arriving each week. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, you can always gift it or hang it in the wardrobe with all the other sale items that are the same.
Can I use the $20 Gift card when I sign up more than once?
Only valid for one transaction. Valid for one customer. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
How do I give feedback to Curve Project?
Please see our contact us page, choose what’s appropriate and tell us what you think, we always want to hear your thoughts, ideas and opinions.
I am having technical issues with your website, what do I do?
Let us know immediately, sometimes things go wrong and we don’t know about it. If something weird happens when using our website please let our Customer Care team know at We will panic and call someone in our IT department to fix it as soon as possible. We do apologise for any frustration we have caused you. You could also try to refresh your browser, well that’s what IT tells us when something goes wrong.
The promotion has ended, can I still get the discount price?
Sorry the promotion has ended, prices are displayed on the website, we cannot override these prices when a promotion has ended. Buy it when you see it, that way you will not miss out on exactly what you want, promotional items and sale items sell very fast as everyone likes a bargain.
Do you have a VIP membership program I can join?
It’s great that you love our website and all the brands we offer. At this moment we are working on a way to reward our VIP customers for their loyalty and frequent shopping. Stay tuned for further updates on how this will work. Thanks BTW, we love our loyal customers as they keep us in a job which is super important to us all. Love you!!
Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes, Follow the links to read our privacy policy. If you can’t find this information on our website that’s because its private - Privacy Policy
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major Credit Cards, Afterpay, LayBuy, Paypal and Curve Project Gift Cards. Stay tuned as technology advances, we will introduce new tender types as our website further develops.
Somethings wrong and I cannot find an answer on the website?
Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you will get. Things can and do go wrong. If there is something wrong, an issue needs to be resolved or you are frustrated with something please contact our Customer Care team at and let us know what’s wrong. We will do our best to sort it out for you.
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Biscuits. Cookies are biscuits. An HTTP cookie (also called web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or simply cookie) is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.

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