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Let’s have a D&M about what gets us fired up at CURVE | PROJECT!

Our love of fashion has us jumping out of bed every day. When you’re passionate about something, it’s not work, it’s a love affair that constantly gives you energy. We can’t stop thinking about it, EVER. It’s what defines us. Amplifies us. And connects us. And for us it is what inspires and drives us!

Curve Project is a destination for curvy women whether you’re size 10 or 22. We are a collective of fashion brands and labels that all share the same ethos. Passionately obsessed about the styles and shapes that amplify your style, we scour the globe to bring you the latest fashion edited specifically with curves in mind.

To us, being real is everything. That’s why you’ll see a diverse range of women on our site. It’s who we are, it’s who you are.



Founder / CEO
a.k.a Jack of All Trades, Master of None
I consider myself to be a hamburger connoisseur. Can you tell?

I look to the clouds for a sign on the important life stuff. It’s amazing what you see when you look.

I am literally late to work everyday. So I don’t do 9am’s for anyone.

I have banana phobia. True. It’s real

Known as a Xmas decologist (made up word for serious Xmas Decoration enthusiast)

Travelled around the world 33 times and I am still scared of flying.

I can “out shop” any woman. No shit.
a.k.a Chief Fun Operator
Some might say I have a serious addiction for peach iced tea and Pride and Prejudice...ahhh Mr Darcy but my secret crush is Chris Hemsworth - ssshh don't tell my husband!

Snorts when laughing...sometimes. Come on, it makes me cute.

Has WAY too many sunglasses. My motto is change your undies, change your sunnies.

I literally can’t stand public transport. If that makes me a princess I’ll gladly take the title.

Thinks every office should be dog friendly. I’m leading the charge ‘Boss can we get one?”

I’m lovingly referred to as turbocharged.
a.k.a Part time CIO
I’m half Filipino and half Greek and my name is Sheila – so I guess you can call me a trifecta. I own about 100 pairs of shoes and I can't live without coffee and chocolate.

You can find me at a yoga studio haha jokes, never! Krav Maga is my new yoga.

Favourite make up is lipstick I own 30 shades – can you see a pattern here?

One word: Seinfeld.

I once face painted 10 hours straight at an event. Yes, I used to be an entertainer for kids and yes, I used to dress as a fairy.

P.s. I’d need to count my shoe collection again, it’s been a while.
Marketing & Digital
a.k.a Back stage honcho
My middle name is Sunshine (it could be worse, my brothers is Rainbow).

Love pets. I have a cat called Katmandu who is the size of a small dog.

I could eat pizza for three meals a day... and as a snack between meals... and desert.

My superpower is the ability to retain useless facts.

I survived a close encounter with a shark.

Once lived in Alaska as an au pair.

If I can teach my kids one thing it’s to have gratitude and see the beauty in everyday life.
a.k.a Visionary
I grew up in the Coromandel Peninsula and had a waterfall at the end of my street.

I have a secret love affair with perfume my current fav is Valentina pink.

Every time we see a rainbow my husband gives me a kiss.

My love language is quality time.

My Netflix obsessions are Madmen, Sons of Anarchy and Black list. I was super late to the GOT party.

Coffee. Coffee and more Coffee (I can't believe I work with people that don't drink it)
Garmet Technician
a.k.a Fit Specialist
My house is like a jungle cause I’m addicted to houseplants.

I’m a total glutton for punishment.

I’m currently renovating for a third time - making more room for my house plants lol.

Exploring the globe is what I love to do, especially getting up close with nature, swimming with sharks and seeing the big cats.

On weekends I look after a soccer team for kids with disabilities. Never fails to make me feel happy.

I’ve worked in fashion for many years. I love textiles and being creative.